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Artillery Support Group

The Artillery Support Group (ASG) is a Guelph based Not-For-Profit organization created over thirty years ago with sole for purpose of supporting the Regiment. The Artillery Support Group provides supports to the Canadian Military in the following order of precedence;

  1. The 11th Field Artillery Regiment RCA,
  2. The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery,
  3. The Canadian Army and
  4. The Canadian Armed Forces

The ASG is not a charitable organization and cannot issue charitable receipts for tax purposes. Nor is it an association with membership available to individuals. The Members of the ASG are businesses who support the purpose of the ASG and pay annual dues which in turn provide them the benefits of membership which includes the availability of an ASG Group Insurance Plan. The income of the ASG primarily comes from the membership dues and interest on investments.

The business of the ASG is conducted by an 8 member Board consisting of three executive members (Chair, Vice Chair and Executive Director) and four non-executive members who are former members of the regiment plus the Commanding Officer of the 11th Field Artillery Regiment who sits on the Board as an ex-officio member.

The current members of the Board are:

  1. Col (Ret’d) G. E. Burton – Chair
  2. LCol (Ret’d) R.G. French – Vice Chair
  3. LCol (Ret’d) M. D. McKay – Executive Director
  4. LCol M. Ortiz-Sossa – Ex-officio Director
  5. Maj (Ret’d) M. B. Schotsch – Director
  6. Capt (Ret’d) J. R. Pettigrew – Director
  7. Capt (Ret’d) G. L. Parkinson – Director
  8. CWO (Master Gunner) (Ret’d) N. D. Walker – Director

The ASG provides financial support to the 11th Field Artillery Regiment for a number of activities/events some of which are sponsoring a marksman trophy, a photo contest and three $1,000 annual educational bursaries that are available to regimental members for post secondary education. In addition the ASG sponsors and provides support to the annual New Year’s Day Levee, and the annual spring Special Guest Night. The ASG also provides and hosts the “” website on behalf of the Regiment.

The ASG owns and maintains the 12th Fd Memorial Park in Arthur, as well as a Quad (FAT) gun tractor used to tow the regiment’s 25 QF gun and limber which the ASG also maintains on behalf of the regiment. In 2018, to commemorate the our Second World War batteries, the ASG had the three 25 QF guns on site at the Guelph Armoury marked with the tac signs of the regiment to which the 11th Field Artillery Regiment provided batteries; the 11th Army Field Regiment, the !2th Field Artillery Regiment and the 19th Army Field Regiment.

The ASG provides support to the Royal Canadian Artillery Association and has supported numerous RCA Heritage projects during its existence.

The primary contacts for the ASG are:

  1. Col (ret’d) Gary Burton
  2. Chair:
  3. LCol (ret’d) Michael McKay
  4. Executive Director:

Website hosting and services generously provided by the Artillery Support Group.

29th Field Battery | 11th Field Regiment, RCA | 7 Wyndham Street South
Guelph, Ontario N1H 4C4
Office : (519) 824-0351 x3244

11th Field Battery | 11th Field Regiment, RCA | 200 James St. North
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2L1
Office : (905) 972-4000 x4005