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There are several types of associations that support past and serving membres of the various Artillery units across Canada.

These include national associations like the Royal Canadian Artillery Association (RCAA) as well as World War II regimental associations (used to be World War I battery associations) and local unit/geographical based associations. These associations are not linked and the RCAA does not have local chapters.

Royal Canadian Artillery Association

The Royal Canadian Artillery Association (RCAA) is a national not for profit organization founded in 1876, predating the formation of the Royal Regiment. It was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1904 as the Canadian Artillery Association with primary object of the promotion of the efficiency and welfare of the Royal Canadian Artillery and of all matters pertaining to the defence of Canada. The Act was amended in 1949 with “Royal” being added to its name. The Constitution and By-Laws were subsequently amended in 2013 with the Mission of the Association being designated as “The promotion of the effectiveness and welfare of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and of all matters pertaining to the defence of Canada”.

Of particular interest to members of the 11th Artillery Field Regiment RCA is the fact that the first Commanding Officer of our Regiment, Colonel Archibald H. Macdonald (1880 – 1897) was also an early President of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association (1888 – 1889). Other members of the 11th Field to serve as Presidents of the Association were; Colonel George Drew, Colonel Gary Burton, Lieutenant Colonel Michael McKay, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph French and Lieutenant Colonel Robert Elliott.

The RCAA is the official association of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and is a all ranks association open to serving and retired members of the Regiment as “Ordinary Members” and as “Associate Members” to serving and retired members of other occupational classifications, Artillery members of NATO or Commonwealth Forces and civilians that have interest in the affairs of the Royal Regiment.

Every serving member of the Regulars and Reserve force are members of the Association with dues paid by individual Regiments for the Reserve Artillery and by the RCA Fund for Regular Force members. Retired personnel can be members on payment of dues.

The “Mission Elements” of the association are;

  • Monitor, Support and Promote Effectiveness,
  • Nurture the Regiment as a National Family & Institution,
  • Celebrate and safeguard our heritage and d. Connect with Canadians.

The primary activities of the association are the Annual General Meeting which is open to all members and includes a Seminar to educate and inform the participants, the hosting of several web events per year, publishing the regimental newsletter “The Canadian Gunner News” and the sponsoring along with the Regiment Fund the Regimental website at which additional information about the RCAA can be found;

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Local Associations

Local associations include the Ottawa Gunners, The Toronto Limber Gunners, the RCHA Club in Kingston and many others. Most of these Associations are primarily social in outlook. Our local associations include the 1st Artillery Brigade Association (1 ABA) in Guelph and the Hamilton Artillery Association (HAA) in Hamilton.

1st Artillery Brigade Association

Hamilton Artillery Association

World War II Associations

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